Updated FEMA NIMS Docs

BRAND NEW: FEMA released its updated National Incident Management System (NIMS) documentation. We encourage all ARES Members to be familiar with this system. This system is covered in the FEMA Course IS-700x… x being the most recent version available, which is currently 700a… the 700b version will be available once the disaster responses settle down.


VHF Emergency Practice Net

RI ARES will be commencing a monthly VHF emergency practice net every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9pm following the Ocean State Emergency Communications Alliance Net on the KA1RCI repeater network. Once a month, we will have fun with various emergency scenarios and drills. All licensed hams are welcome. For more information, contact one of the ARES Leadership members.

Washington County
— District Emergency Coordinator : Jim KB1MAO
— Emergency Coordinator: John W1JPZ
— Emergency Coordinator: Scott WX1X
— Emergency Coordinator: Tim KB1UZD

Newport County
— District Emergency Coordinator: Paul N1PSX
— Emergency Coordinator: Chuck N1CKT
— Emergency Coordinator: Ted W1GRI

Kent County
— District Emergency Coordinator: Tom KA1VAY
— Looking for some ECs for Kent County; Let Paul N1PSX know if you are interested.

Providence County
District Emergency Coordinator: Aaron KC1EPX
Emergency Coordinator: Guenter KC1EPY
Emergency Coordinator: Barry W1BSN

RI Skywarn Emergency Coordinator: Martin N1JMA

We look forward to hearing from you.