After a hiatus of some years, the RI Amateur Radio Emergency Service is back, and we are recruiting… If you are interested in emergency communications in Rhode Island AND you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, or you used to be active in ARES and want to become active again we encourage you to become a member of the RI ARES team.

Through the generosity of and assistance from the CT ARES team, the Western Massachusetts Section ARES, and EMA Section ARES amateur radio operators, RI ARES has a new Membership Database. This system allows members to update their own records through the use of their own unique passwords. If you treasure your privacy, do not share your password with anyone.

How to Sign Up

Registration is easy and can be done right now online. Visit the New Member Application Page and fill out the form as completely as you are able.

We have a How-To slide show to help you understand how to sign up and utilize the Member Database.

In the event of a situation we need to be able to contact you, so be sure to include at least one good phone number and a valid email address. Remember, if you can’t be reached you are not a useful member of the group.

Be sure to choose a secure password. Do not use a password that you use for any other online services. Do not include easily guessed patterns like your call sign, your name, simple keyboard patterns like “qwerty” or simple patterns like “123456” or “abcdefg”. Best practice is to use a long phrase interspersed with numbers and capital letters like “a4pasSword9isbeSTKept2SECret3”, a completely random password or to use a password card.